Going on holiday with pets is a great joy. Some people cannot really turn down a vacation with their four-legged friend. Not to mention that someone else simply have no other choice than sharing the trip with their animals.

Going on holiday with furry friends – or any other pet – should be a fulfilling moment for everyone. During a trip, you can create a deeper bond with your pets. A shared holiday may be the right opportunity to spend more time together, away from work and other daily commitments.

Here’s someone who thinks just like that.

Semifonte, pet friendly camping with dedicated services

Two or four-legged tourists heading to Tuscany, the ideal Campsite Semifonte in Barberino Val d’Elsa is the right destination. A place where the quality of hospitality is guaranteed for everyone: adults, kids and pets.

Semifonte is a pet friendly camping site where small and large animals are allowed. The camping provides a range of services dedicated to animal care, allowing guests to maintain the environment clean and unspoilt.

Camping Semifonte offers pitches for tents, campers and caravans: during reservation you can choose the best option for your needs. There is also a large parking inside the campsite, which is ideal for animals: from the car to the kennel it’s a short distance.

The great thing about Tuscany is that even a holiday with pets will be easy and relaxing. Especially if you stay in Barberino Val d’Elsa, in the heart of Chianti area.

In fact, Semifonte’s services will appear incredibly useful for those who travel with their pets. Just to mention a few in-camping services: grocery store, café, swimming pools and restaurant.

It’s all at your fingertip without having to leave the campsite.

Animal Travel Kit: packing for your furry friends

If you want to make the puppy’s stay unforgettable, it is important to equip yourself before leaving. The pet friendly Camping Semifonte in Tuscany recommends what to pack for your pets.

The ideal kit for a four-legged friend during holidays should contain hygiene products, his/her favorite games, a kennel or, alternatively, a blanket or box easy to carry and comfortable.

With all the “cuddle stuff set”, don’t forget to pack the most important items: health book and first aid supplies, muzzle, leash.

For non-Italian travellers from the EU, the European passport issued by local health authorities is mandatory. For those from USA and Canada, an international certificate of origin and health is required: the document produced by veterinarians and local health authorities.

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